Hello world!

To introduce ourselves we want to tell you a little bit about ourselves.


DF Productions is a video, photography and multimedia production company that works with aspiring models, actors and any professional looking for a new approach, creating or updating their own individual portfolios, video presentations and/or marketing materials. We provide a variety of services to help your business or professional presentations from single photo sessions to video portfolios, web and multimedia production, web design, flash banners, prints of all kinds and more. Please do not hesitate to ask for details and more information. and packages.


Photo sessions are independently done and adjusted to fit customers needs. Each photo session is video recorded for personal or professional use and per request. Photoshop and other professional digital photography software are also used per request and/or as needed.


Daniel Funes (owner of DF Productions) has been awarded by the International Society of Photographers and featured in the \”Spirits in the night\’ book.
While residing in California, Daniel has worked with aspiring and professional models, actors, instructors, singers, dancers and others professionals in many other industries. He has also taken pets/animals, nature and public events photography (journalism). Daniel Funes continues working on different projects and locations. Recently relocated in the east coast, Daniel continues his never ending search for new talent and discover new and standout models.

Thanks for visiting us and stay tuned.
Daniel Funes

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